Thursday, March 10, 2016

Q(uestions) & A(griculture)

I took a few students to a competition and for my sub plans I used the FFA New Horizons Magazine. There was a great interview with Secretary Tom Vilsack in it and an extended exercise gave the students the opportunity to develop their own questions about agriculture for Mark Killian, the person in charge of agriculture in AZ. The students wrote some amazing questions that I just had to share with you!

  • Agriculture includes caring for the ecosystem, so what are some practices that people are utilizing to help it?
  • The population is expected to double by 2050, so what will food availability be like then? What are ways we can grow enough food for the growing population in safe and healthy ways?
  • What is being done and/or what can we do to help the poaching of animals?
  • What are ways we are fixing our ecosystem and problems like water pollution and deforestation?
  • How are you working to educate people about the truths of agriculture?
  • What are we doing to bring more people into the agricultural world?
  • What are some suggestions you have to become a part of Arizona's agriculture?
  • What is the greatest challenge Arizona agriculture is facing?
  • What do you feel is Arizona's greatest agricultural accomplishment?
  • What should this generation do to change the face of agriculture?
When I read these questions I was so impressed and proud. These are the questions we should all be asking those in charge of agriculture. This generation needs to ask questions and find the truth. With so much media propaganda it is imperative that we teach our students how to think for themselves and do research on those issues facing the agricultural industry. 

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